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Mayor and Mayoress of Elmbridge with grey horse and volunteers from Leatherhead and Horsley and Bookham RDA GroupsWe were delighted to welcome Councillor Mike Bennison and his wife Mary to visit us on 16 May – his first official engagement as Mayor of Elmbridge for 2013-2014.

Councillor Bennison has chosen us along with the Horsley & Bookham RDA Group to benefit from his Charity Appeal.


As the Mayor of Elmbridge for 2013-2014, I am pleased to launch my Charity Appeal for the Riding for the Disabled Leatherhead and Horsley & Bookham Groups, which include riders from Elmbridge.

Within our Borough there are many charities, all dealing with different aspects of need, and indeed my wife and I have met many of them during the past year as Deputy Mayor and Mayoress.

All of them undertake amazing work, but my wife and I have chosen to support Riding for the Disabled, in particular the Leatherhead and Horsley & Bookham Groups. Riding for the Disabled do not currently run a group within Elmbridge however the Leatherhead and Horsley & Bookham Groups do take riders from within the Borough of Elmbridge.

My wife Mary and I were inspired by last year’s Paralympics and hope in some way, by supporting Riding for the Disabled, to be able to continue the spirit and legacy of the games.

One of the aims of the fundraising for my Mayoral Year is the provision of a dedicated learning centre for use by the children while at the stables which will negate the need to wait for their riding sessions on a cold bus.

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