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Feed TimeA first for Leatherhead RDA, and with funding from the Mayor’s charity, we offered a day of riding and pony themed activities for our riders.

We were hoping to have a session grooming in the sunshine, followed by a long relaxed ride out in the countryside but the weather was having none of that! Monica defied the rain and set up grooming stations around the indoor school so that the children could each spend time stroking and grooming and then we had a fun extended riding session.

One of the favourite activities of the day was “mucking out” . The children just loved raking and sweeping the sawdust and had to be dragged away when it was time to give the ponies their lunch.

With the ponies all sorted the children ate their own lunch and then spent time making their own stables and ponies out of shoe boxes and pegs!

Mayor Bennison and his wife Mary arrived at 1.30 to watch the children ride and even joined in a song session before presenting the children with a medal each.

A big thank you to Sally for organising such a fun day.